Walden Glen Swim & Racquet Club was established in 1969. We have a convenient, but out-of-the-way location off Carrleigh Parkway, a beautiful pool, tennis, basketball and volleyball court, and a spacious picnic area. Our swim and dive teams compete in the

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The Wahoo Award

The Wahoo Award exemplifies all that it means to be a Wahoo. The Wahoo Award is awarded to two leaders chosen from the entire team (one boy and one girl) whom the coaches trust and the teammates respect. The Wahoo Award recipients are dedicated to the Walden Glen Wahoos and the sport of swimming. They excel in effort, team spirit, and good sportsmanship.

2018      Kathleen Reilly            Joe Clardy

2017      Lina Giantesano           Liam Robles

2016      Rebekah Corbin           Michael Hubbard

2015      Sofia O’Connor            Emil Robles

2014      Bridget May                 Alex Whitesel

2013      Amy Burke                  Lake Stiles

2012      Cayla Chamberlain       AJ Muir

2011      Connor Chroman          Haley Lipton

2010      Brittan Muir                 Taylor Whitesel  

2009      Alex Watt                    Cody Cashman

2008      Sarah Miron                 Cory Chamberlain               

2007      Carra Dewing               Sean Ballard

2006      Kristina Scollins            Jacob Smith

2005      Melea McCreary            Michael Stablein

2004      Molly Smith                  Ryan Newmeyer

2003      Sarah Faber                 Cam Rushton

2002      Alex Watt                     David Cosby

2001      Abi Rhoden                   Logan Lamons

2000      Alex Maxfield                Cory Chamberlain

1999      Juli Jordan                    Daniel Butler

1998      Lindsey Rogers             Max Tyburski

1997      Becky Reed                  Greg Spence

1996      Mariah Eisman              Ryan Scott

1995      Missy Bell                     Mike Faber

1994      Nerea Cal                     L.A. Snead

1993      Sarah Mendoza             Ben Whitehill

1992      Anne Chapman             Ryan Smith

1991      Holly Biehl                    Dan Tasca

1990      Kristen Trahan              Matt Kochel

1989      Malia Bell                     Brian Tretler

1988      Larissa Nojek               David Bell

1987      Jodi Scott                    David Bell

1986      Katie Lanoue               Jeff Pelletier

1985      ?                                David Bell

1984      Cathy Coccaro             Kenny Bell

1983      Amy Coccaro               Brad Fleming

1982      Jeanne Wilkins            Jeff Trowbridge

1981      Liz Lausten                  ?            

1980      Amy Coccaro               Mark Lausten

1979      Jeanne Wilkins             Jim Lanoue