Walden Glen Swim & Racquet Club was established in 1969. We have a convenient, but out-of-the-way location off Carrleigh Parkway, a beautiful pool, tennis, basketball and volleyball court, and a spacious picnic area. Our swim and dive teams compete in the

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  1. Swimmers secure their own transportation to and from meets. If a ride is needed, please try to arrange it before the day of the meet. Contact the Team Rep for assistance.

  2. When the team travels to Saturday away meets, swimmers will meet at Walden Glen in the morning for a team caravan to the meet location. Directions to away meets will be emailed weekly. If you plan to meet the team at the away pool, please let the coach or Team Rep know in advance.

  3. When the team travels to Monday night meets, swimmers will meet at the meet location, not at Walden Glen. Upon arrival, locate the team area.

  4. Each team is assigned a designated team area. Swimmers may not leave the team area without the permission of the coach so that they do not miss an event. PARENTS: Please do not remain in the team area.

  5. Coaches will help swimmers report for events on time. When directed, the swimmers will go to the Clerk of Course until it is time to compete.

  6. Swimmers should report to their coaches before and after each swim.

  7. The referee's whistle for quiet must be observed so that the starter can start each race fairly.

  8. Please respect all volunteer officials. If you have questions, please ask the Team Rep (only a Team Rep may approach an official).

  9. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. There will be no booing, vulgarity, or any form of poor sportsmanship.

  10. The entire team is expected to make sure that the team area is completely clean before anyone leaves a meet.

  11. A swimmer should not leave a meet without informing the head coach to ensure that the swimmer is not needed for a later event.

  12. If something unexpected happens that will prevent a swimmer from competing, please inform the head coach as soon as possible.





  1. Cap and goggles (wear a suit)

  2. T-shirt or sweatshirt (especially for Monday evening meets)

  3. Shoes or sandals

  4. Water bottle and/or light snack. (Swimmers may not hang out at the concession stand).


NOTE about electronics: Don't bring 'em!