Walden Glen Swim & Racquet Club was established in 1969. We have a convenient, but out-of-the-way location off Carrleigh Parkway, a beautiful pool, tennis, basketball and volleyball court, and a spacious picnic area. Our swim and dive teams compete in the

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Girls’ Relay Events


8-u medley

Jasmine Ly, Jessica Buechler

Christina Reilly, Kyra Okhlopkov

1:31.80          ‘17

8-u free

Kyra Okhlopkov, Christina Reilly

Jessica Buechler, Jasmine Ly

1:18.74          ‘17

9-10 medley

Lina Giantesano, Nicole Campbell

Madeline Blake, Madeleine League

1:18.05          ‘16

9-10 free

Nerea Cal, Leslie Campbell

Sarah Mendoza, Katie Trahan

1:06.36          ‘94

11-12 medley

Kristen Trahan, Jessica Tretler

Anne Chapman, Ryan Hayes

1:04.25          ‘93

11-12 free

Kristen Trahan, Anna Bailey

Anne Chapman, Ryan Hayes

56.50             ‘93

13-14 Medley

Anna Bailey, Jessica Tretler

Anne Chapman, Kristen Trahan

1:02.70          ‘95

13-14 200 medley

Kristen Trahan, Anne Chapman

Missy Bell, Ryan Hayes

2:11.81          ‘94

13-14 200 free

Ryan Hayes, Kristen Trahan

Anne Chapman, Missy Bell

1:56.21          ‘94

15-18 Medley

Jordan Buechler, Brook Bailey, Emily Gooding, Sofia O'Connor

2:08.36          ‘19

15-18 Free

Alexandra Watt, Cayla Chamberlin

Claire Miron, Alexis McEntire

1:56.41          ‘10

Mixed Age

Ryan Hayes, Katie Trahan

Missy Bell, Anne Snead

2:00.22          ‘93